Open Class Entries

Welcome Open Class Exhibitors! 

Open Class exhibitors are encouraged to enter online

We recommend that you print the sections you are interested in, so that when you go to enter on-line you have all of the code numbers in front of you. View the links to review the information in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. If the sections don't open or display properly, you may need to update your Adobe Reader.  

Online Exhibitor registration site will shut down daily for maintenance from 2:00PM – 2:30PM  

Premium checks will not be issued for $2 or less.

2021 EXHIBITOR HANDBOOKS:                    

Dept. 3 Youth Activities ( Contact the Fair Office.)

Dept. 6 HASC (PDF)

Dept. A Home Arts (PDF)

Dept. B Hobbies & Crafts (PDF)

OC Art (PDF)

Dept. E Photography (PDF)

Dept. F Dairy Goat (PDF)

Dept. G Agriculture (PDF)

Dept. H Floral (PDF)

Dept. I Baled Hay (PDF)

Dept. J Dairy Cattle (PDF)

Dept. K Sheep PDF

Dept. L Beef (PDF)

Dept. M Pigeons (PDF)

Dept. N Poultry (PDF)

Dept. O Granges (PDF)

Dept. Q Wildlife (PDF)

Dept. R Pygmy Goats (PDF)

Dept. RA Boer Goats (PDF)


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